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Santa Kakese: Caricature in virtual public spaces

The young Congolese cartoonist Santa Kakese uses social networks as a distribution platform like many of her artist colleagues of this generation. Offering unlimited circulation, social networks allow artists to participate public life on their own terms.

  • Asimba Bathy
  • Mukenge/Schellhammer
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Lumumba, a historical Figure

Asimba Bathy illustrates Congolese history. An interview of the comic artist with the Mukenge/Schellhammer about his new work “Lumumba. A man. A story. A destiny.”

  • Papa Mfumu'eto
  • Jean Kamba
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Papa Mfumu’eto: From Comics to Contemporary Art

Jean Kamba, art critic and researcher, focuses his attention here on the contemporary painting practice of the artist Mfumu’eto in close relation to his influences of “popular” comics.