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Local comic distribution by Rocky Production / Rocky Episode III

Rocky Production’s Popular Comics are offered by many vendors in markets and schools. Cultural journalist Ketshia Ngamala investigates how Rocky and two vendors organise the distribution of the comics, what their customers like and why comics are more than a hobby for them.

Video: Cedrick Tshimbalanga

Rocky Production has a network of vendors who distribute its comics in various communities in Kinshasa. These vendors exclusively offer Rocky Production comics. According to the vendors, the fact that the comics tell stories that are close to their daily lives and experiences is what matters most to their Rocky customers. They find commentary and stories about recent events, social life, life in their neighbourhood, politics, celebrity news, gossip, but also educational content.

This mix attracts a variety of audiences, from children to adults to young people, all of whom are curious to discover Rocky’s new productions on a regular basis. The vendors are also happy to distribute these comics, as many of their customers buy the comics to learn to read, to learn to express themselves better, to improve their knowledge of French or Lingala or to broaden their general knowledge of politics and society.

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