• Al'Mata
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Visual Narrative: A Graphic Novel by Al’Mata and Christophe Edimo

This graphic novel reflects different facets of emigration. In their series “Le retour d’Alphonse Madiba dit Daudet” (The return of Alphonse Madiba, called Daudet) Al’Mata and Christophe Edimo invent an imaginary country that stands for a representative experience.

  • Mukenge/Schellhammer
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I am an Expert

The comic artist Birgit Weyhe was in Kinshasa for four days – and is surprised to therefore be considered an expert on the Congolese comic scene. Through her work in various African countries, she had to deal with her privileges, her skin color and her own origins above all.

  • Rocky Production
  • Discourse

In Defense of the Popular Image

“Poor images” are squeezed, compressed, reproduced, ripped, remixed, and copied through slow digital connections. Just as life and art thus merge, so the boundaries between author and audience become blurred. Based on Hito Steyerl’s thesis of “poor images”, curator and writer Olivia Berkowicz analyses how popular images challenge the boundaries of Western cultural narratives.

  • Thembo Kash
  • Jean Kamba
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The political scene in the Congo and the caricatures of Thembo Kash

Thembo Kash, one of the most prominent press cartoonists in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has a clear preference for political issues. He publishes drawings in several Congolese and foreign newspapers and is currently particularly active at the online newspaper “actualite.cd”, where his caricatures are published almost daily. Written by Jean Kamba.