The Congolese-German duo Mukenge/Schellhammer, who curate this project, is an experiment for post-postcolonial theory and practice in contemporary Kinshasa.

Christ Mukenge, Lydia Schellhammer

The duo exposes itself to confrontational situations between different social systems and situations between Europe and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and responds to personal experiences in an ongoing experimental artistic process consisting of painting, performance, scenography, street art and mixed media. In 2016, the duo founded the project “Musée urbain” (“urban museum”) in Kinshasa, which has been held annually since then, currently under the title “Laboratoire Kontempo II”. Since 2016, the duo has been working with the transnational groups Gintersdorfer/Klaßen and LaFleur, and were involved in projects such as “Dialogue Direct Kinshasa Berlin” at HAU2 Berlin, “Erniedrigung ist nicht das Ende der Welt“ (“Humiliation is not the End of the World”) at the sculpture projects in Münster and “Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le baras” at MC93 Paris.

In 2019, the duo showed the exhibition “Komplexé” at the Institut Français Kinshasa, participated in the group exhibition “Freiheit – Grenzenlos frei?” at the Noah Gallery in Augsburg and performed “Your exoticism is my daily bread” at the Plateforme Contemporaine in Kinshasa. Together with Stefan Becker, the idea of an exhibition about the Congolese comic was born in Kinshasa in 2019, to be shown at the 19th International Comic Salon in 2020 and now postponed until 2022. The project was promptly rethought and developed. Here too, Mukenge/Schellhammer are contributing their expertise, ideas and energy to further promote the Congolese comic and the perspectives associated with it.

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