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Studio visit to Rocky Production in Kinshasa / Rocky Episode I

During a studio visit to Rocky Production in Kinshasa, we learn more about its production processes of art and craft, as well as the local demand for popular stories.

Video: Mukenge/Schellhammer

Rocky lives and works in Bumbu, one of the popular districts of Kinshasa, mainly inhabited by the lower social class. As editor, scenarist and wholesaler, he produces and distributes his comics from his private living room. We visited him! And we shot a video during our visit! Rocky explains his working method, talks about his own artistic career and shares his perspectives on comics. In addition, a comic street vendor comes in by chance and gives insights into local sales strategies and the interests of comic readers in the neighborhood.

What the comic is about: Laurette has an affair with a married man. To keep the man to herself, Laurette performs a ritual with a fetishist. In the spiritual world, the man is reduced in size and locked in a bottle. In the real world, the spell also has an effect: the man leaves his wife to be with Laurette.