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On the History of Comics in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A conversation as part of the “Café littéraire de Missy” (Missy’s Literature Café): Missy Bangala is a journalist, cultural manager and initiator of the Literature Café and invites Hilaire Mbyie, professor at the Pedagogical University of Kinshasa and comics specialist, to a conversation about the history of Congolese comics.

The “Café littéraire de Missy” (Missy’s Literature café) is a think tank and a platform for promoting Congolese literature. For almost three years, the literary community of Kinshasa has been meeting regularly for a debate around a new publication, a book presentation or author reading.

At the invitation of Missy Bangala, Professor Hilaire Mbyie talks about the history of Congolese comics, key players and his vision of the future of the Congolese comic scene in this feature.

Auteurs invités dans cet article: MISSY BANGALA, HILAIRE MBYIE

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